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Peter Lombard (1554 - 1625):

Peter Lombard was born in Waterford. In 1572 he went to Louvain where he later became Professor of Philosophy and then Professor of Theology. He served as Provost of Cambric Cathedral from 1594. Four years later he was sent to Rome where he became O' Neill's agent. He was appointed Archbishop of Armagh by Pope Clement VIII in 1601. Among his works are Commentaries on the Kingdom of Ireland which was written in Latin, and published posthumously in 1632. Latterly he abandoned O'Neill and sought agreement with James I. He was involved in debates in the church, and sat on the committee which tried Galileo. He established a Catholic diocesan system. He never came to Ireland as Archbishop of Armagh and died in Rome.

Born: 1554
Died: 1625
Kate Newmann