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The Ulster History Circle is a small, voluntary, not for profit organisation that places commemorative plaques in public places, in towns and villages all over Ulster, in honour of men and women who have contributed to the Province's history. Plaques are erected with the permission of the owners of the buildings.

The Ulster History Circle was formed in the 1980s to fill what was believed to be a gap in the celebration of our history - the kind of history that all can share. The insigator and mainstay of the Circle since then - Jimmy Hawthorne - sadly passed away after a short illness on 7 September 2006. The work is entirely voluntary and we have no earning capacity or trust funds of any kind. Unlike similar bodies in the rest of the United Kingdom, who receive generous government grants, we depend on Local Authorities, individuals and businesses to fund individual plaques.

The general rule is that a proposal to put up a plaque is not considered unless the person to be commemorated has been deceased for at least 20 years - less if the deceased person was born more than 100 years ago.

As well as providing details of plaques already in place, we have a list of forward projects. We would be delighted to receive suggestions for possible subjects - although we have a very long waiting list!