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Michael Logue (1840 - 1924):

Michael Logue was born in Carrigart, County Donegal. He was educated at a hedge school, a school in Buncrana, and at Maynooth. In 1866 he was appointed Professor of Dogmatic Theology at the Irish College in Paris, where he had been ordained. He returned to Donegal as a curate in 1874. In 1879 he became Bishop of Raphoe; he was translated to Armagh in 1887 and in 1893 was created a cardinal. His denunciation of Parnell after the O'Shea divorce case had a significantly adverse effect on the politician's career. In 1880 he went to America to raise funds to relieve the famine, and further fund-raising efforts by him resulted in the completion of Armagh Cathedral in 1904. He was a native Irish speaker and supported the Gaelic League. He disapproved of Sinn Fein's use of physical force and was opposed to partition.

Born: 1840
Died: 1924
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