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Gormflaith (c.870 - 925):

Gormflaith was the daughter of Flann Sionna, who was High King of Ireland from 879 to 916. She was bethrothed to Cormac Mac Cuileannain, the King-Bishop of Cashel, who was killed by King Cearbhall of Leinster. Cearbhall then married Gormflaith. Gormflaith's third husband, Niall Glundubh, who became High King of Ireland in 916 was killed by the Danes in 919. She wrote poetry about her husbands and her son, some of which is quoted in the Irish annals. Gormflaith became a beggar and died in poverty. The lyrics were discovered in the Dean of Lismore's compilation of Gaelic poetry.

Born: c.870
Died: 925
Kate Newmann