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Louis Crommelin (1652 - 1727):
Linen manufacturer

Louis Crommelin was born in Picardy, France. In 1685 the family moved to Amsterdam to escape religious persecution. On the invitation of William III he came to Lisburn, County Antrim,where there was already a colony of Huguenots, to investigate the linen industry. He established a factory at the foot of Bridge Street, on the River Lagan, in Lisburn, and in 1699, he was appointed 'Overseer of the Royal Linen Manufacture of Ireland'. In 1705 he opened a factory in Kilkenny and in the same year published Essay on the Improving of the Hempen and Flaxen Manufactures in the Kingdom of Ireland. He imported new skills and methods from Europe and revitalised the Irish linen industry.

Born: May 1652
Died: 14 July 1727
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