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Seamus O Grianna (1891 - 1969):
Civil servant and writer

Seamus O Grianna was born in Ranafast in the Donegal Gaeltacht. He taught in Tyrone, Dublin and Donegal, and in 1919 was employed as an organiser for Dail Eireann's Ministry of Education. In 1921 he was imprisoned for two years because of his opposition to the Anglo-Irish Treaty. When the first Fianna Fail government had taken office in 1932 he once more became a civil servant and was employed in making translations from English and French into Irish. Among his publications are two novels, Mo Dha Roisin and Caisleain Oir and many collections of short stories, including Cioth is Dealain. In 1945 Saoghal Corrach, his autobiography, was published.

Born: 1891
Died: 1969
Kate Newmann