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Colman O hUallachain (1922 - 1979):

Colman O hUallachain was born in Dublin and was educated at Colaiste Mhuire, University College, Galway, and at Louvain. He was ordained a Franciscan priest. He studied linguistics at Georgetown University and proceeded to apply his knowledge to the Irish language. He initiated a television programme, 'Buntus Cainte' to promote Irish. He was lecturer in philosophy through Irish in University College, Galway, and held the Chair of Ethics and Logic at Maynooth. He was Director of the Institiuid Teangeolaiochta Eireann and a senior lecturer in Irish at the New University of Ulster. Among his publications is Ridire Mhuire gan Smal.

Born: 1922
Died: 1979
Kate Newmann