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Rose Kavanagh (1859 - 1891):

Rose Kavanagh was born in Kiladroy, County Tyrone. She was educated at the Loreto Convent, Omagh, and the Metropolitan School of Art, Dublin. She published in The Shamrock, as 'Ruby', in the Irish Monthly and in Young Ireland. In 1887 she produced a literary page for children in Irish Fireside under the pseudonym 'Uncle Remus II'. She was the subject of a poem by Katherine Tynan and another by Charles Kickham, whom she looked after when he became blind and deaf. W. B. Yeats said that she was 'a young inspiration whose great promise was robbed of fulfillment first by ill-health and then by an early death'. She died of tuberculosis.

Born: 24 June 1859
Died: 26 February 1891
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