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Francis Rawdon Hastings (1754 - 1826):

Francis Rawdon-Hastings was educated at Harrow and University College, Oxford. In 1775 he distinguished himself at Bunker's Hill and a year later fought in the Battles of Brooklyn and White Plains. In 1778 he was Adjutant General to the forces in America and two years later fought at Camden. In 1781 he defeated Greene at Hobkirk's Hill, and was captured by the French on his voyage home. In 1783 he was created Baron Rawdon, and in 1790 assumed the additional name of Hastings.
Three years later he succeeded as Irish Earl of Moira. The same year he commanded an expedition to Brittany, and a year later brought reinforcements for the Duke of York in Flanders. In 1799 he spoke against Irish Union. In 1803 he became a general and Commander-in-Chief in Scotland. From 1806 to 1807 he was Master of the Ordnance, and from 1813 to 1822 served as Governor-General of Bengal. In 1817 he was created Marquis of Hastings and established British supremacy in central India. He died at sea in Baia Bay. A summary of his Indian administration was published in 1824. His statue is at the Dalhousie Institute, Calcutta.

Born: 7 December 1754
Died: 28 November 1826
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