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Edward O'Rorke Dickey (1894 - 1977):
Wood engraver

Edward O'Rorke Dickey was born in Belfast and was educated at Wellington College and Trinity College, Cambridge. He studied art at Westminster School of Art in London, and exhibited with the New English Art Club and the Royal Academy. After the First World War he was living in Antrim. He was an original member of the Society of Wood Engravers, and his woodcuts illustrated Richard Rowley's book of poems, Workers. He also published A Picture Book of British Art in 1931. During the 1920s he had been an art master Oundle School, and later became professor of fine art and director of King Edward VII School of Art, King's College, University of Durham from 1926 to 1931. For the next twenty-six years he was inspector of art for the Ministry of Education. His work is in the Ulster Museum, and the Cork and Limerick Municipal Art Galleries as well as the British Museum. He was awarded the CBE.

Born: 1894
Died: 1977
Kate Newmann