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Patrick Delaney (c.1684 - 1768):
Cleric, Church of Ireland and writer

Patrick Delany, was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, of which he was made a fellow in 1709. He was appointed Dean of Down in 1744 and was a close friend of Swift, to whom he was executor and who described him as 'the most eminent preacher we have'. The work for which he is remembered is Observations upon Lord Orrery's Remarks upon the Life and Writings of Dr Jonathan Swift. In the three-volume Revelations Examined with Candour he deals with such issues as the defence of polygamy and Old Testament dietary laws. He published An Historical Account of the Life and Reign of King David in three volumes. In 1757 he founded The Humanist, a journal which denounced, for example, the docking of horses' tails. His bust is in the library of Trinity College.

Born: c.1684
Died: 6 May 1768
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