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John Vinycomb (1833 - 1928):
Artist and writer

John Vinycomb was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne. He studied art at the School of Design there, and in 1855 entered the art department of Marcus Ward & Co. as an engraver. He remained as head of the department until the break up of the firm in 1899, when he became an artist, designer and illuminator. He remained in Holywood, County Down until 1909. He was a member of the Royal Irish Academy; Vice-President of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland; Vice-President of the Ex-libra Society of London and founder and past President of the Belfast Art Society and the Ulster Arts Club. He also served as President of Belfast Naturalists' Field Club. He was a recognised authority on heraldry and illuminating, and he published books, notably on the illustration of bookplates. He died in London. Belfast's City Hall has an example of his scroll, and the Belfast Harbour Office and the Victoria and Albert Museum also have examples of his work.

Born: 1833
Died: 1928
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