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Samuel Alexander Stewart (c.1826 - 1910):

Samuel Stewart was born in America, and at the age of eleven accompanied his family when they returned to Ireland. From that age he was an errand boy and later worked in factories and shops. In 1880 he became assistant curator of the Belfast Museum and in 1891 was appointed curator. He was the foremost authority on botany, zoology and geology in the north of Ireland. He published, among other papers, The Latest Fluctutations of the Sea Level on our Own Coasts and A List of the Fossils of the Estuarine Clays of the Counties of Down and Antrim. In 1874 he produced a list of the mosses of the northeast of Ireland. He contributed to the botanical publications of the Royal Irish Academy and the British Academy. He edited the Flora of the North East of Ireland and made a botanical study of the Mourne Mountains. He died as a result of a street accident.

Born: c.1826
Died: 1910
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