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Herbert Moore Pim (1883 - 1950):
Poet and writer

Herbert Pim was born in Belfast and was educated at Friends' School, Lisburn. Prominent in Belfast YMCA, he later converted to Roman Catholicism and became a Nationalist. He joined the Irish Volunteers and was imprisoned in Belfast. He published works of poetry which included Selected Poems; Songs from an Ulster Valley and New Poems. Among his novels are A Vampire of Souls and The Man with Thirty Lives. His other works include The Pessimist: A Study of the Problem of Pain, which is partly autobiographical and Unknown Immortals in the Northern City of Success, published under the psuedonym A. Newman. After 1918 he reverted to Unionism, and in 1919 he published Unconquerable Ulster and in 1920 A Short History of Celtic Philosophy. He went to England, where he edited Plain English and its successor, Plain Speech. He was involved with the Fascist movement in Italy in the 1930s. He died in England.

Born: 6 June 1883
Died: 12 May 1950
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