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James Orr (1770 - 1816):
United Irishman and poet

James Orr was born near Ballycarry, County Antrim. He was educated at home and was a weaver and small farmer. He wrote political pieces for the Northern Star and poetry in Ulster Scots dialect. In 1798 he went towards Antrim with the Ballycarry contingent of United Irishmen, but arrived too late. Nevertheless, he had to flee to America where he worked as ajournalist and published poetry until a government amnesty was declared and he was able to return home. His Poems were published in 1804 and in 1817, The Posthumous Works of James Orr: with a Sketch of His Life, was published. He founded the Masonic Lodge in Ballycarry, which he headed for many years. In 1816 they erected a monument over his grave.

Born: 1770
Died: 24 April 1816
Kate Newmann