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William Magee (1766 - 1831):
Archbishop, Church of Ireland

William Magee was born in Enniskillen and was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where in 1788 he was appointed a fellow. He was ordained in 1790 and ten years later became Professor of Mathematics. He was appointed Dean of Cork in 1813, Bishop of Raphoe in 1819, and Archbishop of Dublin in 1822. He regrded it one of his main duties to make converts from Roman Catholicism, and was a fervent promoter of the 'new reformation society', claiming that 'in Ireland the reformation may, strictly speaking, be truly said only now to have begun'. In 1827 he led a deputation which petitioned George IV against the Emancipation Bill. He published Discourses on the Scriptural Doctrine of Atonement and Sacrifice. He died in Dublin. [Memoir by Dr Kenny, 1842]

Born: 18 March 1766
Died: 18 August 1831
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