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Sean Mac Diarmada (1884 - 1916):
Political activist

Sean Mac Diarmada was born in Kiltyclogher, County Leitrim, and at sixteen went to work in Glasgow as a gardener and later a tramway conductor. He moved to Belfast in 1902, worked as a tram conductor there and as a barman. He joined the Gaelic League, where he met Bulmer Hobson, who asked him to act as organiser for the Dungannon Clubs set up by the Irish Republican Brotherhood. In 1906 he joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood and was appointed Treasurer of its Supreme Council. He was a full-time organiser for Sinn Fein by 1907, and in 1910 he was appointed manager of Irish Freedom, a monthly journal. Despite being crippled by polio, he continued to work and was elected to the Provisional Committee of the Irish Volunteers in 1913. He was a member of the Military Council set up by the Irish Republican Brotherhood to plan a rising, and he fought in the General Post Office in Easter 1916. The Proclamation of the Republic carried his signature. He was court-martialled, sentenced to death and executed.

Born: 1884
Died: 1916
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