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William Edmundson (1627 - 1712):
Quaker leader

William Edmundson was born in Westmorland on 4 October 1627 and was apprenticed as a carpenter and joiner in the city of York. He served in the army of Cromwell in the campaigns in England and Scotland. In 1652 he came to Ireland and opened a shop in Antrim. On hearing the preaching of the Quaker James Naylor, he was convinced of the worthiness of his doctrine. In 1654 he and other members of his family held at Lurgan, County Armagh, the first regular meeting of the Quakers in Ireland. Subsequently meetings were established at Dublin, Derry, Cork, Waterford and other commercial centres. Because of the unorthodox doctrines which the Quakers practised, they were persecuted, and William Edmundson was imprisoned seven times without charge. He visited the West Indies and America on three occasions, on the first of which he was accompanied by George Fox. During the war of 1689-91 the Friends in Ireland were victimised. William Edmundson appealed to James II to relieve the suffering in Ireland. He died at Rosenallis, near Mountmellick on 31 August 1712. His Journal was published in 1715.

Born: 4 October 1627
Died: 31 August 1712
Kate Newmann