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Albert Canning (1832 - 1916):

Albert Stratford George Canning was the second son of George Canning, 1st Baron Garvagh who took his designation from his estates at Garvagh, County Londonderry. On his father's death Albert Canning inherited 4,000 acres and resided at The Lodge, Rostrevor, County Down. He made a name for himself as a writer, with a broad brush covering fiction and non-fiction, though not exactly critically acclaimed: his novel Kilsorrel Castle was excoriated by the Saturday Review which wrote that it was so bad that only a longer novel by the same writer could be worse. The Spectator described his output quite baldly as "terrible". Such reviews did not deflect him (if he read them) and he published prolifically. He was Deputy Lieutenant for County Down and County Londonderry and as a pastime imported foreign birds into Ulster.

Born: 24 August 1832
Died: 22 April 1916
Richard Froggatt
Dictionary of Irish Biography