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Arthur Bruce (1645 - 1711):

Arthur Chamberlain was born in Ardee, County Louth, and was educated at Trinity College Dublin. When he reached twenty-one he inherited the Brownlow estates in Armagh from his maternal grandfather and changed his surname to Brownlow. In 1697 he was appointed High Sheriff of Armagh, and from 1692 unitl 1710 he served as a member of parliament. He brought the linen industry to Lurgan, where it thrived. He came into possession of the Book of Armagh and twelve Irish manuscripts. In the last quarter of the seventeenth century he was patron of the Irish scribe, Eoghan Mac Oghannain, who was based in south-east Ulster. He himself translated Irish poems into English.

Born: 20 March 1645
Died: March 1711
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