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Frances Browne (1816 - 1879):

Frances Browne was born in Stranorlar, County Donegal, and because of smallpox in infancy, was blind. She educated herself by memorising passages from dictionaries and grammar books. Her poems were first published in the Irish Penny Journal from 1840 to 1844. In 1847 she went to Edinburgh with her sister, determined to live by writing. She was a prolific author, and one of her books, Granny's Wonderful Chair and the Stories It Told, published in 1857, became internationally famous. She settled in London and was granted a small pension by Sir Robert Peel to whom she had dedicated her Lyrics and Miscellaneous Poems. Other works include The Star of Atteghei and Pictures and Songs of Home.

Born: 16 January 1816
Died: 21 August 1879
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