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James Porter (c.1752 - 1798):
Cleric, Presbyterian and writer

James Porter was born near Ballindrait, County Donegal. In 1773 he taught in Dromore, County Down and later, having studied divinity in Glasgow, became a Presbyterian minister in Greyabbey, County Down. He supported Catholic Emancipation and joined the Volunteers. His contributions to the Northern Star were published as a satire of Lord Londonderry in 1796, entitled Billy Bluff and Squire Firebrand which was regarded as treasonable. He also published Sermon, Wind and Weather in 1797. He was captured at the outbreak of the 1798 rebellion, tried, testified against by an informer, found guilty and, despite the pleas of his wife and seven children, hanged in front of his own meeting-house.

Born: c.1752
Died: 2 July 1798
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