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William Conyngham Plunket (1764 - 1854):
Lord Chancellor of Ireland

William Plunket was born in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, and was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He was called to the Bar in 1787 and became King's Counsel in 1797. He was Member of Parliament for Charlemont and voted against the Union. In 1803 he became Solicitor General, in 1805 Attorney General, and two years later was elected Member of Parliament for Midhurst. He was a strong supporter of Catholic Emancipation. In 1812 he became Member of Parliament for Dublin University, and from 1822 to 1827 served a second term as Attorney General. In 1827 he was appointed Chief Justice with a peerage and three years later became Lord Chancellor, remaining in office (with one short break in 1835) until 1841. There is a bust of Lord Plunket in the library of Trinity College, Dublin. [Biography by Hon. D. Plunket].

Born: 1 July 1764
Died: 4 January 1854
Kate Newmann