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Eva McKee (1890 - ):

Eva McKee studied at the School of Art in Belfast where she attended evening classes. It is likely that at the same time she was working with the Irish Decorative Art Association. She first exhibited her work in 1921 at the Arts and Crafts Society of Ireland and later took part in most of the major craft exhibitions. She formed a partnership with Eveline McCloy, and together they produced decorated wood-work, decorated ceramics, embroidery, jewellery, leather-work, repousse metal-work lace-work, enamelling and calendars and cards, containing the hand-lettered verses of writers such as James Stephens and Joseph Campbell. They used Celtic and Oriental designs. Eva McKee specialised in painted pottery and used the products of Belleek and Wedgewood on which to work. She won a medal in 1922 at the Tailteann Exhibition in Dublin. She also produced ceramic tiles and ceramic brooches. Into the 1940s, the studio in Wellington Place was active and producing innovative and inspirational work.

Born: 1890
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