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Randal MacDonnell (1609 - 1683):

Randal MacDonnell was the son of the 1st Earl of Antrim. He traveled on the continent and was well received at the court in England. Charles I appointed him one of his Commissioners in the Highlands of Scotland on the outbreak of war. He took a seat in the Irish House of Lords. In 1642 he was imprisoned in Carrickfergus Castle and supposedly escaped by being smuggled out in a bed as a sick person. He fled to York, and on returning to Ireland was again taken prisoner and again escaped. For helping raise troops in Antrim for the king's service, he was rewarded by being created a marquis. Under the Cromwellian settlement his estates were confiscated but restored to him in 1666. He died at Ballymagarry and is buried at Bonamargy, Ballycastle, County Antrim.

Born: 1609
Died: 3 February 1683
Kate Newmann