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William Putnam McCabe (c.1776 - 1821):
United Irishman

William Putnam McCabe, son of Thomas McCabe, was born in Belfast and was an ardent United Irishman, his interest stemming from Wolfe Tone's visit to Belfast in 1791. He became an active organiser and was responsible for Leitrim and Roscommon, and it is said that he was a master of disguise. He was arrested as one of a bodyguard to Lord Edward FitzGerald but was freed when he convinced the Scottish soldiers that he was Scottish. He escaped to France, having been specifically named in the Banishment Act. He established a cotton mill near Rouen, which was favoured by Napoleon. He returned to Ireland on three occasions, and on each one was arrested and imprisoned for short periods. He pleaded that he was traveling on behalf of his business, but the Home Secretary's comment was: 'It is very extraordinary that, in whatever part of the king's dominions his own business brought him, some public disturbance was sure to take place'. He died in Paris.

Born: c.1776
Died: 6 January 1821
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