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Thomas McCabe (c.1734 - 1820):
Industralist and Ulited Irishman

Thomas McCabe was a watch-maker and part-owner of a cotton mill in 18th century Belfast. He was a noted radical, and in 1786 vigorously opposed plans by the city's merchants to fit out ships for the transportation of slaves; the proposal was dropped. On 1st April 1791 a clandestine committee was set up in Belfast 'to form an association to invite all Irishmen for the restoration and preservation of our liberty.' One of the signatories to the proposal was Thomas McCabe, and the conspirators were frequently to meet at his house, The Vicinage, off the Antrim Road. The Society of United Irishmen was formed out of this committee on 11 October of that year.

Born: c.1734
Died: 1820
Ulster History Circle