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John Claudius Beresford (1738 - 1805):

John Beresford was born in Dublin and was educated at Kilkenny College and Trinity College, Dublin. In 1760 he was called to the Bar but never practised. From 1760 until 1805 he was member of parliament for Waterford. In 1768 he became a Privy Counsellor, in 1770 a Comissioner of Revenue and in 1780 First Comissioner of Revenue. He was instrumental in the building of the new Custom House in Dublin and the extension of the quays. He was a close colleague of Pitt's, and a strong supporter of the Act of Union. His seat was at Walworth in County Londonderry, where he died.

Born: 14 March 1738
Died: 5 November 1805
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