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Andrew Lewis (c.1720 - c.1781):

Andrew Lewis was born in County Donegal into a Huguenot family of settlers, who later emigrated to America. They are said to be the first white settlers in Augusta County, Virginia. He volunteered for the expedition in Ohio in 1754, and at the surrender of Fort Necessity served with Washington. He was promoted to the rank of major, commanded the Sandy Creek expedition and the expedition of Major Grant, after which he was taken prisoner in Montreal. He was appointed commissioner with the Six Nations in 1768 and was brigadier-general in command of the Virginia troops who gained a victory against an Indian force. During the war of the revolution he was made colonel. He contracted a fever, having driven Lord Dunmore from Gwynne's Island, and died in Bedford County, Virginia. His statue stands on one of the pedestals around the Washington Monument at Richmond.

Born: c.1720
Died: c.1781
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