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Joan Kelly (c.1500 - ):
Witness against Hugh O'Neill

Joan Kelly was brought up at Dungannon, County Tyrone, in the house of Art Braddagh O'Hagan. In 1594 she was a camp-follower in the relief column which went to the besieged Enniskillen Castle. The relief column were captured by the confederates, including Hugh O'Donnell. Some days later she was called to the Earl of Tyrone to give him an account of government losses. She overheard O'Neill's conversations, and saw him receive his share of the booty. She knew the names of the O'Neill family who had taken part in the battle, and that while O'Neill was pretending to be a neutral intermediary between the English crown and the confederacy headed by O'Donnell, he was actually in liason with the confederates. She later gave a sworn confession, which was taken as evidence.

Born: c.1500
Kate Newmann