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Theophilus Jones ( - 1685):

Theophilus Jones was a soldier who fought with the English army when they attempted to crush the rebellion of 1641. Three years later he was appointed commander of the Lisburn garrison and in 1646 was taken prisoner and held for two years. From 1649 to 1659 he was governor of Dublin. He was elected to the British parliament in 1656, and given a troop of cavalry in the puritan army, with which he fought against the Irish for three years. He was dismissed in 1659, after which point he associated with Sir Charles Coote and Lord Broghill when they took over the government of the country from the Commonwealth commissioners. In 1661 he became privy councillor, and from that year until 1685, was scoutmaster-general in Ireland.

Died: 1685
Kate Newmann