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Francis S Beatty (1807 - 1891):

Francis Beatty is listed in the 1839 Belfast Directory as "engraver and linen ornament manufacturer". Only weeks after Daguerre had published his method of photography by mercury vapour development of silver iodide exposed on a copper plate, Francis Beatty produced a Daguerrotype of the Long Bridge in Belfast. In 1841 Richard Beard, who had bought the Daguerrotype concession for England and Wales, engaged Beatty, when he opened the first photographic studio in London. The following year, Beatty opened his own studio in Castle Street, Belfast, but soon his business collapsed. He contributed regularly to photographic journals and in 1860 took out a patent for early experiments in photo-lithography. At his death he was listed as an engraver in the Dublin Workhouse. His home address was given as Benburb Street in the area of Arran Quay, Dublin.

Born: 1807
Died: 1891
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