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Margaret Holland (1872 - 1950):

Margaret Holland was born in Belfast. Her great wish was to become a doctor, and though her father did not object to education for women - providing they did not take jobs away from men - the era dictated that she 'learned domestic arts and waited for a good husband'. At the age of twenty she accompanied her mother to the Canary Islands, where she kept a journal. She was actively involved in the temperance movement, the Working Men's Sunday School attached to Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church, and charitable work such as food distribution in East Belfast, especially during the depression in the 1920s. She was a member of the Belfast Field Club and of the Presbyterian Women's Missionary Association, and a year after her mother's death in 1921 she embarked for India on a visit to the Presbyterian Zenana Mission. The mission provided medical and educational welfare for Indian women and orphaned children and trained Indian women in the medical profession. Her book My Winter of Content follows her journey across northern India and is illustrated by her own photographs and Frank McKelvey's paintings.

Born: 1872
Died: 1950
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