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Augustine Henry (1857 - 1930):
Botanical Collector and dendrologist

Augustine Henry was probably born in Cookstown, County Tyrone and was educated at Cookstown Academy and in Galway and Belfast, graduating in medicine in 1879. Having acquired a working knowledge of the Chinese language while employed in the imperial Chinese customs service, he travelled into the interior of the country to collect plants and seeds unknown in Europe. A thousand plants, regarded as constituting one of the most important collections to come out of inland China, were sent to Kew Gardens. In the journal of the Chinese Royal Asiatic Society he published a list of Chinese plants, and in 1888 was elected a Fellow of the Linnaen Society of London. He was the first to publish an account of the flora of Formosa (Taiwan), and while he was there he studied law and became a member of the Middle Temple. He compiled a dictionary of the Lolos language, the language of a minority people in south-west China whose existence had been unknown to Europeans. He returned to Europe in 1900 and studied at the National School of Forestry in France and began his collaboration with H.G.Elwes on The Trees of Great Britain and Ireland in seven volumes. He was appointed Reader in Forestry at Cambridge in 1908, and is said to have developed the university's School of Forestry and he was later appointed Professor of Forestry at the College of Science in Dublin. He was a member of the forestry institutions of many countries, and of the Royal Horticultural Society. In 1908 Cambridge University awarded him an honorary Master of Arts. He also published Forests, Woods and Trees in Relation to Hygene in 1919. His collection of trees and plants were bequeathed to the National Botanical Gardens and a catalogue, The Augustine Henry Forestry Herbarium at the National Botanic Gardens Glasnevin, a Catalogue of the Specimens, was published in Dublin in 1957. He died in Dublin.

Born: 2 July 1857
Died: 23 March 1930
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