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Sarah Cecelia Harrison (1863 - 1941):

Celia Harrison was born in Holywood, County Down. She spent her early life in London and from 1878 until 1885 she attednded the Slade School of Art where she won many awards. Despite living in London, she maintained her links with Belfast by exhibiting with the Ladies' Sketching Club of Belfast in 1879. In 1880 she moved to Dublin and during the 1890s, spent time painting in Brittany. She was a regular exhibitor at thr Royal Hibernian Academy and was a member of the Ulster Academy of Arts and the Royal Ulster Academy. During 1912 she becmae involved with the quest for a location for Hugh Lane's pictures, and became the first woman to serve on Dublin City Council. She was devoted to the task of getting poor relief extended to include the able-bodied unemployed. She ran an advice centre from a room in her home, and she worked tirelessly for women's rights and was an ardent nationalist. She was 6ft. 2" tall, was well known in Dail Eireann, and was a great grand neice of Henry Joy McCracken. Examples of her work are in the National Gallery of Ireland, the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, Dublin, and the Ulster Museum, Belfast.

Born: 1863
Died: 1941
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