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George Hanger (1751 - 1824):
Soldier and writer

George Hanger was born in County Londonderry and was educated at Reading and Eton. In 1771 he joined the army as an ensign in the Foot Guards and fought as a colonel in the American war with the German Hessian Corps. He was wounded at the siege of Charlestown and retired on half pay. He was a friend of the Prince of Wales, one of those described as 'creatures with whom a man of morality or even common decency could not associate'. George Hanger tried to live as lavishly as his royal friend, and he had a weakness for gambling and a preference for bright pink, turquoise blue and orange clothing. He was caricatured by Gilray and was sent to a debtor's prison where he wrote his autobiography, The Life and Adventures and Opinions of Colonel Hanger. On his release he was given money by a friend and set up as a coal merchant. He inherited his father's Irish estates and the title of Lord Coleraine, but refused the latter. He died of convulsions, and his obituary in the Gentleman's Magazine referred to him as 'one of the most prominent features of his time'.

Born: 3 October 1751
Died: 31 March 1824
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