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Gustavus Hamilton (1639 - 1723):

Gustavus Hamilton is thought to have been born in County Fermanagh. He entered the army and was appointed to defend the town of Coleraine in the war of 1689-1691. He was forced to retreat towards Enniskillen and was later appointed governor there. He organised regiments known as 'the Enniskilleners', the predecessors of the Inniskilling regiments, which had a reputation for being extremely fierce in battle. Gustavus Hamilton commanded a regiment at the Battle of the Boyne, and was afterwards made Governor of Athlone. He served as member of parliament for Donegal and was created Baron Hamilton in 1715. After the war he was made Privy Councillor and brigadier general. He was presented with a gift by Queen Anne, and George I bestowed on him a peerage as Viscount Boyne.

Born: 1639
Died: 16 September 1723
Kate Newmann