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Robert John Gregg (1867 - 1948):
Inventor of shorthand system

John Gregg was born in Rockcorry, County Monaghan, and was educated in Glasgow. For many years he studied stenography, and the natural motion of the hand dictated the construction of his own system of shorthand, which was first published as a twenty-eight-page pamphlet. In 1893 he went to America and then published the Gregg Shorthand Manual as well as several books on commercial education. In 1895 he settled in Chicago and established a publishing company. From 1920 he edited American Shorthand Teacher and in 1938 was given an award by the New York Academy of Public Education. His shorthand system is widely used and has been adapted to other languages. He died in New York.

Born: 1867
Died: 1948
Kate Newmann