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St Gall (c.550 - c.645):
Founder of Monastery

Gall was born in Ireland and educated at Bangor, County Down, by St Columbanus. In 585 he went with Columbanus to Luxeuil in France. He remained in Switzerland when Columbanus departed for Italy and preached to the people in their own language. Gall established the celebrated monastery of Arbon with its striking architecture and its rich library, and gave his name to the surrounding region. His sermon preached at an ordination ceremony is still extant, and a record of his life written in 771 surviving in fragmentary form is said to be the earliest of its kind. His feast-day is on the 16th of October and he is known as 'the Apostle of Switzerland'.

Born: c.550
Died: c.645
Kate Newmann