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James Brown Armour (1841 - 1928):

James Armour was born in Lisboy, Ballymoney, County Antrim, and was educated at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution and Queen's Colleges, Belfast and Cork, where he studied classics. He became a Presbyterian minister at Ballymoney in 1869 and founded the Intermediate School there. He lectured at Magee College, Derry. He was politically outspoken in support of Home Rule, the Tenant Right movement and the controversial proposal for a Catholic university. He felt that politics ought not to divide the Presbyterian Church, but he firmly believed that partition would be disastrous for Ulster. He served on the Senate of Queen's University, Belfast, where he favoured the teaching of the Irish language and scholastic philosophy. He was made honorary chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant during the First World War and retired from the ministry in 1925.

Born: 1841
Died: 1928
Kate Newmann

Biography by his son, 1934