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Francis Dobbs (1750 - 1811):

Francis Dobbs was born in County Antrim. He was called to the Bar and came to public notice as the northern Volunteer corps representative to the Dungannon Convention in 1782. He was engrossed by the prophetical scriptures and frequently predicted the end of the world; consequently he was known as 'Millenium Dobbs'. He served as member of parliament for Charlemont. He published a Letter to Lord North and a Universal History in several volumes. He felt that, through reference to various scriptures, he had proved that the union between Great Britain and Ireland was forbidden, and he made a public speech to this effect, which was printed and sold widely: Memoirs of F. Dobbs Esq. - Also Genuine Reports of his Speech in Parliament on the Subject of an Union and Prediction of the Second Coming of the Messiah, with Extracts from his Poem on the Millenium. He published The Patriot King in 1774, and Poems in 1788.

Born: 1750
Died: 1811
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