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Walter Devereux (1539 - 1576):
Noblemen and adventurer

Walter Devereux was born in Carmarthenshire, Wales and in 1558 succeeded to his grandfather's titles, 3rd Baron Ferrers and Viscount Hereford. He became a Knight of the Garter and was created Earl of Essex in 1572 by Queen Elizabeth I. He came to Ulster in order to colonise it and was granted the district of Clandeboye. The English had failed to settle Ulster, which was under the domination of the O'Neills, led by Sir Brian MacPhelim and Turlough Luineach. They were supported by the Scots under Sorley Boy MacDonnell. In 1573, Essex was appointed captain- general, and Governor of Ulster the following year. He was involved in two acts of treachery, the first when his soldiers slaughtered the retainers of Brian MacPhelim O'Neill, at a banquet held by Essex, supposedly in their honour. The O'Neills were removed to Dublin where they were executed. In 1575 he slaughtered the entire population of Rathlin: six hundred men, women and children. After that, his plan for colonisation was abandonded by order of thew Queen. In 1576 he was appointed earl marshal of Ireland and granted the barony of Farney, County Monaghan. The following year he died in Dublin of dysentery. He is buried at Carmarthen

Born: 16 December 1539
Died: 22 September 1576
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