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Adam Clarke (c.1760 - 1832):
Cleric, Methodist

Adam Clarke was born in County Londonderry, and was apprenticed to the linen business. Though a Quaker, he became a pupil of a Methodist school near Bristol, where he prepared himself for the ministry. He studied Hebrew and Oriental languages. In 1782 he was ordained by Wesley, and over the next twenty years, his preaching attracted large crowds. In 1802 he published a bibliographical dictionary in six volumes. As a consequence of this he became a member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries and of the Royal Irish Academy. The University of St Andrew's conferred upon him the degrees of Master of Arts and Doctor of Laws. As well as many other works, he published The Holy Bible with a Commentary and Notes in eight volumes and devoted much of his life to this work. He established several schools in Ulster and a small museum, and collected a valuable library. He died of cholera during a visit to England. His last words were 'Am I blue?' [Biographies by his daughter (1833) and Everett and Etheridge]

Born: c.1760
Died: 26 August 1832
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