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Arthur Chichester (1563 - 1625):
Soldier and administrator

Arthur Chichester was born in England but fled to Ireland having been accused of committing robbery. He was Captain of one of Drake's ships which sailed to the West Indies, and in France he was knighted by Henry IV. In 1595 he was knighted once again for service in wars in Ireland, where Lodge regarded him as active in the attempt 'to plough and break up that barbarous nation by conquest, and then sow it with seeds of civility'. He was commander at Carrickfergus in 1599 and was involved in warring with O'Neill. In 1604 he was appointed Lord Deputy and was instrumental in encouraging the Ulster plantation after the Flight of the Earls in 1607. In 1612 he was created Baron Chichester of Belfast and given Inishowen. He summoned the first meeting of parliament in Ireland for twenty-seven years and established a Protestant majority. During his office as Lord Deputy the harp was added to the English arms on the coinage. In 1622 he was sent on a mission to Europe, and returned to die in London, though he is buried in the Church of St Nicholas at Carrickfergus, where a monument has been erected to his memory.

Born: May 1563
Died: 19 February 1625
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