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Professor G Singh (1920 - 2009):
Academic; poet; teacher

Gham Shyam Singh was one of the outstanding linguistic academics at The Queen’s University of Belfast.

Singh was born in Jaipur, India, where he studied from 1944 to 1950 under Professor DC Datta at Maharajah’s College. He taught at Agra for three years and while lecturer at Aligarh Moslem University took a sabbatical year at the University of Padua where he obtained a Diploma in Education. From 1958 he taught Hindu at Istituto Italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente in Milan as well as at Bocconi University University. In 1971 he took up a position at Queen’s.

Singh was very friendly with, amongst, others, FR and QD Leavis whom he hosted in Belfast. Just as he would welcome visitors to his apartment in Milan. A gracious man, he gifted the Queen’s Lady Vice-Chancellor a bracelet from his native India. 

Singh's major academic work was quite possibly his expertise in the work of his friend Eugenio Montale; the Italian poet, intellectual and essayist. 

His selected publications are listed below.

Eugnio Montale: Selected Essays, Carcanet, Manchester, 1978; Leopardi e i Poeti Inlgesi, Transeiuropa, 1990; Eugenio Montale: A Critical Study; New Haven, 1973 

Born: 24 January 1920
Died: 13 September 2009
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