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Agnes Campbell ( - c.1590):
Wife of Turlough Luineach O'Neill

Agnes Campbell, Lady of Kintyre, was reared at the Court of the Stuarts. She married James MacDonald, to whom she bore Angus, Donald Gorm and Finula. In 1569 she again married, Turlough Luineach O'Neill, who hoped, through her influence in Scotland, to obtain a constant supply of mercenary soldiers. Although, with her daughter Finula, she was responsible for recruiting most of the Scots mercenaries who served in Ireland at that time, she did not always comply with Turlough's wishes. She strove to establish her sons Angus and Donald Gorm MacDonald in the Glens of Antrim as rivals to Sorley Boy, whom Turlough had hoped to keep as an ally. In 1590 she instigated the murder of her stepson Domhnall, who had been appointed sheriff of Donegal by the English.

Died: c.1590
Kate Newmann