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Ella Young (1867 - 1951):
Poet and writer

Ella Young was born in Fenagh, County Antrim, and took a degree in Political Science and Law at University College, Dublin. She was encouraged in folklore research by George Russell and belonged to his Hermetical Society and later to the Irish Theosophical Society. She had a firm belief in reincarnation. She lived in Connaught for many months and learned to speak Irish. She retold the Irish legends. In 1912 she was involved in gunrunning for the Irish Volunteers. She lived for a period on Achill Island, but eventually went to Connemara and returned to Dublin in 1919. She went to America to lecture in 1925, studied Mexican and Indian folklore, and lived in Calfornia, where she died. She wrote children's fiction, such as The Unicorn with Silver Shoes, and poetry that she published in periodicals. Her autobiography is entitled Flowering Dusk.

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Born: 2 December 1867
Died: 1951
Kate Newmann