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Robert Traill (1793 - 1847):

Robert Traill was born in Lisburn, County Antrim. He was rector of Schull, County Cork from 1832 to 1847. He was a Doctor of Divinity and translated the works of the Jewish historian, Josephus, into English. He was a Calvinist and antagonised many of the inhabitants of the county with his fervour. He is credited with having discovered copper at Dhurode, and one of the mine shafts was named after him. He became a principal shareholder in the company. In 1846, when the potato crop began to rot, he felt that if the potatoes were stored in pits, they could be saved, but had to concede that this was not the case. He became Chairman on the Schull Relief Committee and his eloquent letters induced people to subscribe. James Mahoney, an artist working with the Illustrated London News, visited Dr Traill and sketched him visiting a family whose father was dying. He wrote `my house is more like a beleaguered fortress. Ere the day has dawned the crowds are already gathering. My family one and all are perfect slaves worn out with attending them; for I would not wish, were it possible, that one starving creature would leave my door without some-thing to allay the cravings of hunger'. He set up a soup kitchen, but in 1847, died of famine fever. He was the maternal grand-father of John Millington Synge.

Born: 1793
Died: 1847
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