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Denis Carolan Rushe (1852 - 1928):
Lawyer and historian

Denis Rushe was born in Monaghan town, and educated at St Louis Convent, McCarten's Seminary, and Trinity College, Dublin. In 1878 he became a solicitor and in 1880, President of the Monaghan Conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society. He was involved in the Home Industries Association, and the Monaghan Show. He was secretary of the Fermanagh Board of Education from 1891 until his death, and also secretary of Monaghan County Council from 1899 until 1924. He was a keen student of the Irish language and an advocate of the Gaelic League. He wrote three books on the history of Monaghan, Historical Sketches of Monaghan (1894); Monaghan in the Eighteenth Century (1916) and the History of Monghan for Two Hundred Years (1921).

Born: 1852
Died: 1928
Kate Newmann