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Charles Braithwaite (1876 - 1941):

Charles Braithwaite was born in Lisburn, County Antrim and attended the School of Art in Belfast until the turn of the century. He went to London where he studied art, craft-work and design at the Royal College of Art. He exhibited with both the Irish Arts and Crafts Society and the English Arts and Crafts Society, and specialised in lettering and illuminated work. His illuminations were used for the poems of, among others, Moira O'Neill, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Elizabeth Browning and an illuminated memorial board is in All Souls' Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast. He, with others, established the Ulster School of Arts and Crafts in Chichester Street, Belfast. In 1911 he joined the staff of the School of Art and taught writing, illuminating and lettering. He was an Associate of the Royal Hibernian Academy, and exhibited there and at the Arts and Crafts Society. He was a member of the Guild of Irish Art-Workers and Honorary Secretary to the Ulster Committee of the Arts and Crafts Society of Ireland from 1909 to 1925. From 1909 until his death he taught art in Methodist College, Belfast.

Born: 1876
Died: 1941
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